Welcome to Morelia!

Morelia is a Python Behavior Driven Development (BDD [1]) library.

BDD is an agile software development process that encourages collaboration between developers, QA and business participants.

Test scenarios written in natural language make BDD foundation. They are comprehensible for non-technical participants who wrote them yet unambiguous for developers and QA.

Morelia makes it easy for developers to integrate BDD into their existing unittest frameworks. It is easy to run under pytest, nose, tox or integrate with django, flask or any other python framework because no special code have to be written.

You as developer are in charge of how tests are organized. No need to fit into rigid rules forced by some other BDD frameworks.



If you’re scenario writer (product owner/product manager/professional tester) we recommended reading the:

If you’re programmer we recommended reading the:

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[1]Behavior Driven Development https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Behavior-driven_development